How to add a Bidding Project

Steps on how to add a Bidding Project.

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Step 1 - First go to the Bidding Projects page.
Step 2 - Next, click on the blue button in the top right corner called “+ PROJECT - BIDDING”

Step 3 - Next, begin creating a project for bidding by searching for your Unit/Location by typing it in. If it exists in the system, it will appear in a dropdown once you start typing the name or code. NOTE: If the unit/location was not added before then skip this step and move on to step 4.

Step 4 - If you can’t find the Unit/Location, click the Add Unit Location button to the right of the text field. Fill out the form to add the location to the system.
Note: When creating a new unit the first field, “code”, can be the property number

Step 5 - Next, finish filling out the fields for the first part of the form.
The Number of Generated Contract field should be changed to the correct property number.

Step 6 - Adding Consultants and Contractors

Add existing Companies - Type in the company name and select it from the drop-down that appears.
Add existing Users - Click the drop-down under the “members” label and select the people you wish to add to the project.

Add new User - If a person is missing from the list, click the “+ Invite new members” link and manually type in their emails, and then click ADD on the right to add them to the project.

Register New Company - Note: Search for the company first to make sure before adding a new company you double-check to make sure it's not already added to our database by typing it in the Company field. Click on the “Register New Consultant” or “Register New Consultant or Contractor” button and fill out the form.

Step 7 - Select when you want the bid deadline to close. 

Step 8  - Select if you want to do your Pre-Bid meeting through ConsLog. If so you can learn more about how to use the attendance sheet clicking here.

Step 9 - Select if you can want the contractors to upload specific documents while submitting a bid.

ConsLog will then send you two types of emails
1. Calendar invite(s) for the bid opening meeting and also a pre-bid meeting (if you choose to use it).
2. An invoice for the bidding project you just created.

All other Contractors and consultants will also receive an email with the Calendar invite and with a link to access ConsLog.

You have now successfully created a Bidding Project and all users that have been invited to participate will receive an email with a link to enter ConsLog.  👏 👏


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