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Using ConsLog - Bidding Module
How Contractors submit/place a Bid
How Contractors submit/place a Bid

Steps for the Contractor on how they submit a Bid

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Below is a quick 2-minute video demo. 🤩

Below are step by step instructions. 👍

1 Step - Click on the email button or link to access ConsLog Sign-up form
Note: the system works best on Chrome Browser

2 Step - Once you click on the link, it will take you to a Sign-up form.
Make sure to complete the form and click Sign up.

3 Step - Once you Sign-up, there will be a pop up explaining how to add other users to your company and how to Place a Bid.

4 Step (optional) - Click “Add Members” if you need to add other people to your company. 

5 Step  - Click on the Bid link to Place your Bid

6 Step  - Click on the “Place Bid” button to place your Bid. Your Bid is editable until the bid deadline is reached. Your Bid will also stay hidden from the Owner until the bid deadline is reached.

7 Step  - Fill out the Place Bid form and make sure to click the blue button below

Once you place your Bid will be able to see the details by clicking on the row with your bid information.
Note: You will be able to edit your Bid as many times as you like while the Bid Deadline is still open. 

When you open the Bid details, you can view your Bid in PDF clicking on the Export link on the bottom right corner in your Bid details. 

Step 9 - Important note to check the bid documents and Addenda in the System to make sure you have everything before placing your Bid.

Step 10 - You can find out who won the bid in real-time by attending the bid opening meeting online via video chat.

The system schedules the bid opening meeting 15 minutes before the bid deadline. There will be three different ways the users can access the video chat meeting.

Note: users can only access the video chat room when the scheduled meeting starts.

1. The system will send out an email with a link to access the meeting when the video chat meeting starts.

2. Users can go to the project Bid page and click on a link that will appear on top when the meeting begins.

3. The user can click on the link from the calendar invite to access the video chat. The video chat room will be closed until the meeting start-time.

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