Go to edit the project, go to the Project Settings page and click on the Edit Project link on the top right corner. Only the user that is an owner rep and the consultant of the Bidding project will be able to edit this project.
Here you can edit all the information below. 

  • Project Information 

  • Consultant Company and its users

  • Bidding deadline and timezone

  • Bid Document Locations

  • Contractor company/users invited to bid

  • Bid Bond Requirement

To add members to your organization
Step 1 -
go to projects settings and click on the button on the right that says "Add Members" 

Step 2 - The top users with the checkmark checked [1] are users that already have been invited to the Project. The users with empty checkmarks [2] next to their names have not been invited to join the project, but are still part of the company. In order to invite them all you need to do is click [2] on their empty checkmark to invite them. 

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