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How to Create a Construction Report. How to add Pictures.
How to Create a Construction Report. How to add Pictures.

Steps on how to Create a Construction Report on the Computer via internet browser.

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The only way to add Photos in the System is by doing a Report on the computer via browser or on the mobile device via iPhone or Android app.

Step 1
- Go to the Reports page and Click "+ New Report" button. 

Step 2 - When you open the report form the system will check if you're on the job-site or not. If you are, your report will show an icon indicating that you did your report on the job-site. 

Step 3 - Select the type of report you want to create. Report types can be changed by contacting your company administrator. 

Step 4 - You may also select a date if needed

Step 5 - You need to indicate how many people are on the job-site. This field can't be empty. If you don't know the number because your not on the job-site you can just put the number 1. 

Step 6 - The system will populate the weather by using the Project location and gathering data form weather sources. You may select if the weather caused any delay or not. 

Step 7 - In the narration box you can write/report all the main information for the report. The Narration field requires a minimum of 10 words. 

Step 8 - Below the narration is where you add photos/pictures into the Report and the system. You can drag and drop photos or even click on the "select" button to select them from your folders. 

Step 9 - Once you add photo(s) you need to add a comment/description for each photo. 

Step 10 - This is how you update the schedule complete %. Below each photo you will see the link that says "UPDATE % DONE OF A SCHEDULE ACTIVITY" - Click here to update a specific activity % complete progress.
When a photo represents an activity progress you can click here to update that activity. At the end of the project you will be able to see the entire progress of the schedule in photos per activity in the Schedule page.

Step 11.1  - Contractors Rep View- Once you finish your report and you are ready to publish, click PUBLISH. If you're not ready yet to publish click SAFE DRAFT, and you can later publish the report once you're completed. Only published reports are visible for the Owner reps.  Note: Publish reports can't be edited unless an owner rep opens it up again for you to edit it. 

Step 11.2  - Owner Rep View - Once you finish your report make sure to click SAVE REPORT. As an owner rep you can edit your report when you want.

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