How to Add a Construction Project

Steps on how to add / edit a Construction Project

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Add a Construction Project -
Step 1 - construction view and then click on + PROJECT - CONSTRUCTION. If you don't see this button it is because you don't have the permission. If you need this permission contact your company administrator(s) so they can enable this permission for you.

Step 2 - Next, begin creating a construction project by searching for your Unit/Location by typing it in. If it exists in the system, it will appear in a drop down. Select the location to add it on the form.
Step 3 - If you can’t find the Unit/Location, click the Add Unit Location button to the right of the text field. Fill out the form to add the location into the system.
Note: When creating a new unit the first field, “code”, is the property number

Step 4
- Next, finish filling out the fields for the first part of the form. 

Step 5 - [1] Type in the company name and select it from the drop down that appears. [2] If you can't find the company you are looking for click on REGISTER A NEW COMPANY and fill out the form in the pop up and click save. If you need to add more than one company click on link [3] and repeat these steps. 

Step 6 - The Number of Generated Contract field can be changed to the correct property number. This is for the users preference. 

Step 7 - Click on the big blue button below to create the Construction Project.

Great job! You've successfully added a Construction Project 👏 👏

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