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How Contractors edit/update a Bid
How Contractors edit/update a Bid

Steps for the Contractor on how they submit a Bid

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Step 1 -  Click on your Bidding Project card on the Bidding Global page. 

Step 2 -  Once you click on the project card for the specific project it will take you to the Bid Page. To edit your bid click on "EDIT BID" button on the top right corner.  

Step 3 -  This will take you to the Bid Edit Form. Make sure to update the fields needed and acknowledge your signature and the all the Addenda numbers required, then click on the the big blue button on  bottom called "UPDATE BID." (Note: if something is missing in the form you will receive a pop up message indicating what's missing. Once you update the required fields click on the UPDATE BID blue button again. Repeat this process until the blue button loads and takes you to Bid page)

Step 4 -  When the update loads if will take you back to the Bid Page. On the top right you will see a quick alert [1] informing you that your "Bid Updated Successfully." You will also see two rows in the middle of the page. The first row are titles to the columns. The Second row is all the information of your recent Bid. On the second row the first column will show the Last Update date and last two columns will show [2] how many addenda you checked and [3] your recent bid amount entered.

Step 5 -  If you want to confirm all the details of your bid update you can click anywhere on the second row (that has your bid info) and it will expand with all the Bid Details. 

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