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How to do a pre-bid meeting and have a complete attendance sheet afterwards
How to do a pre-bid meeting and have a complete attendance sheet afterwards

Steps to Schedule a pre-bid meeting and edit and export Attendance sheet afterward

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How to Schedule your pre-bid meeting?

When creating a Bid project, you can now select if you want ConsLog to schedule your Pre-Bid meetings for you. ConsLog will send everyone a meeting invite and send a link to access ConsLog meetings video chat.

NOTE: Also, at the start time of the meeting, everyone invited to the Project will receive an email with a Button to access the video chat room as well. If a user that has already registered to ConsLog clicks on the email link, the video chat will recognize their name for that user.

How to make sure all the users in the meeting signed in with their name and company name?

Step 1 - While having the pre-bid meeting have all attendees [1] click on the three dots below, then [2] click on the People tab on top. Then have them verify if their Full Name and Company Name is showing with blue highlight. If not, have them [3] click on "Change Name" and input their Full Name - Company name and click Save.

Here's a quick clip below showing the three steps in sequence.

If you want to make sure all users have inputted their names successfully, you can do the first two steps above to view user's names attending the video chat. Here you can verify if they inputted their Full Name and Company Name. Note: if the user is accessing the meeting via his mobile device, they may not be able to add their information. So you will have to input it after. We will show how to this below.

How do I view or edit the attendance sheet after the meeting?

In the Project Setting tab, you will see a Pre-bid meetings section; you can click on the "Edit Sheet" link you can see and edit the attendees of the meeting. After that, you can click on the Attendance PDF to export the attendance sheet of the pre-bid meeting.

Here's a quick clip show you the steps.
Note: You can visualize this information during the meeting but will only be able to edit it a few minutes after the chat ends (everyone leaves the chat room).

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