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Using ConsLog App on your mobile device (iOS/Android)
How to add a Construction Report via Mobile App. (Update the schedule completion % at the same time)
How to add a Construction Report via Mobile App. (Update the schedule completion % at the same time)

Steps on how to add a Construction Report on the Mobile App via iOS or Android.

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MOBILE APP: If you don't have the app go to the Apple Store or Android Play Store and search for ConsLog and download the app. Use your same web access Email and password to log into the app.

NOTE: If you use other construction tools like Procore, you can integrate ConsLog into your procore account, and it will automatically pull your Procore Daily Logs.

Step 1 - Once you sign up wait for the app to load all your project. Once your projects are loading click on the Project you want to add a Report to.

Step 2 - Wait for all Reports to load and then click on the + link on the top right corner. NOTE: This link won't work while the page is loading. It will be enabled once all reports have been loaded.

Step 2 - Fill out the Report Form Below. Follow the details below.

1. Report Type: Click here to Select the Type of Report Title you want for this report.

2. Date: Select the date for your report. Note: You can't choose future dates.

3. Worked on Jobsite: Type the number of workers on the jobsite.
Note: You type "0" zero if you aren't on the jobsite or don't know.

4. Location: The app is verifying if you're on the jobsite while creating the report.
Note 1: Click on the field to refresh and check your location again.
Note 2: Once it noticed you're on the jobsite it will not change this if you choose to publish a draft later that day in a different location.
5. Weather Delay: Click here to indicate if the weather caused a delay
6. Weather Details: Click here to edit the weather details.
7. Dictation Microphone function: Click on the microphone to have the app dictate your speech into the narration field. You can always go in and edit typo's after
8. Narration: Type your narration here. It needs to be at least 10 words.

9. Add Photo: Click here to add Photos to your report. (details below in Steps 3 and 4)

10. Discard Report: Click here if you want to delete the Report.
11. Save Draft: Click here to save the report as a draft. You can go back into the draft and edit the report throughout the day and when you're ready to publish you can click Publish.
12. Publish: Click here to publish your report. Once it's published its visible for everyone.
NOTE: At this point, if your Architect or Contractor once you publish you won't be able to edit it unless an Owner rep opens it up for you to edit the report again through the web portal.

Step 3 - Once you select an image from your camera or local photos you will need to
1. Comment of the foto. (no minimum amount of characters)
2. If you want to add more photos you can do it here or back in the report form by clicking the ADD PHOTO button again.
3. Click on the check icon on the top right to save your image.

Step 3 - Updating the Schedule Completion %
To update a scheduled activity completion % you need to first upload an image associated with that update.
1. Make sure to comment on the photo.
2. Click on "Update Activity Progress %" link
3. Select the activity you want to update the completions % for. If you don't have any activities you will only see the main Activity called "Project". You can also just update this Activity and it will update the entire Project %. Click here for instructions on how to add a Schedule with milestone activities.

4. Type the amount of % increase you want to update the completion of the selected activity.

5. Click the checkmark on the top right to save photo and Schedule update.

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