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Steps on how a contractor can enable integration with Procore
Steps on how a contractor can enable integration with Procore
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Click on the project that you want to integrate Procore with, then follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Go go to the project settings page.
Step 2 - Click on the connect Procore link under integrations.

Step 3 - Login into your Procore account. Make sure the user that is doing the daily reports logs in with their Procore account, so the daily log shows up with their name.

Step 4 - IMPORTANT: If you haven't already installed ConsLog in the Procore Marketplace, then click on the link "Install The App" for step-by-step tutorials. Here's the link for you to know how to install the ConsLog app inside of Procore. (Note: If you don't have company permission to add apps, you may need to contact your administrator to do step 4).

Step 5 - Once you install the app. Go back to ConsLog inside the project settings page/tab and click on the connect button.

Step 6 - Select the Procore project that you want to link with the ConsLog project.
Step 7 - Click connect

You're all set! You've integrated with Procore. 🎊 😎

Step 8 - Now, when you or another user inside your company does a daily log for the selected project, ConsLog will pull the data into the reports page. There will be a Procore icon when a report is pulled from Procore into ConsLog.

NOTE: If you accidentally selected the wrong project, click on "change project" to choose a different project.

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