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NOTE: This is only for Owner and consultant/architect users.

Adding bidding contractor companies

Step 1: Click on the project to that you want to add more contractors.

Step 2: Click the "Project Settings" link (bottom left corner of the page).

Step 3: Click the "Edit Project" blue button on the top right of the page.

Step 4: Scroll down to section 7, where you can add more bidding contractor companies.

Step 4.1: First, type the contractor company name in the input (type to search) field if you see the name below, then click on the to add that company. You can then select from the existing below in the dropdown below or add new ones. Please take a look at the gif video below.

Step 4.2: If you typed the company and didn't see an existing company with the name, then we don't have this company in the database yet. So you would need to click on the "Register a new contractor" button to add a new company to the database.

Step 4.3: If you want more rows for adding contractors, click "+ Add contractor to this project."

Adding Contractor Users to existing companies

Repeat the steps above, Steps 1 - 2, and then scroll down and Click on "Add Members" in the bidding contractors section.

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