Step 1 - In the construction module, click on the Project that you want to add a schedule to.

Step 2 - Click on Schedule in the left menu and then click on the blue button on the top right corner that says "Edit Schedule."

Step 3 - You will notice that system already created a default activity/milestone called Project. You will want to edit this Activity and call it your first milestone. Also, select the dates to align with your first milestone.
Note: you can also add a foto of the pre-existing condition of each Activity. If the Project is a new space, you can just add a foto of the real estate.

What type of Milestones/Activities should I add? The idea here is for you to add the high level summarized main activities or phases. This Schedule is to give the owner an overview of the progress of the Project.

Here a quick clip showing Step 3.

Step 4 - Add all milestones/activities to schedule by clicking on the link on the right that says, " +Add Activity. "

Once you click on +Add Activity you can then add your milestones by [1] naming them and then adding [2] start and [3] finish date. You can also [4] add a picture of pre-existing conditions. NOTE: you can always go back and edit all these details whenever you want.

Step 5 - Repeat step 4 until you finish creating your schedule for the Project.

Steps on how to update the % completion of the Schedule.
You can update the % completion of the Schedule while doing a Report. Click on the link below and follow steps 8-10 to see how you update a Schedule Activity while doing a Report. Note: this also works with the mobile application.

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