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How to add an Action Item (Submittal, RFI, Change order Requests...)
How to add an Action Item (Submittal, RFI, Change order Requests...)

Steps on how to add an Action Item (Submittal, RFI's, Change order Requests...)

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Action Items - Can be a Submittal, RFI, Change order Requests and more action item types

Step 1 - Select the construction project that you want to add an Action Item for.

Step 2 - Select [1] Action Items in the left Project nav menu and then [2] click on the big blue button on the right that says + NEW ACTION ITEM.

Step 3 - Fill out the Action Items form. Below are explanations of each field in the form.

  1. Type - Select the type of Action Item you're adding. For Example "Submittal." If you see there is a specific type that is missing here please contact the owner Admin rep and request for them to add a new type.

  2. Priority - Select the priority of this action item.

  3. Title - Best practice is a simple yet detailed title that indicated clearly the purpose of the action item.

  4. Targe Date - The date you want the main task of this action item completed.

  5. Activity in the Schedule (optional) - If you want to select an activity from the schedule that is associated with this action item you can. Note: If you just see the activity "Project" this means that schedule hasn't been created yet. To know how to create a schedule click here.

  6. User(s) responsible for completing the tasks (optional) - People responsible for completing the main task of this action item. This is optional and may not be applicable.

  7. Approver(s) - People that will be responsible for approving the main task of this action item. They could be the action item creator, or someone else.

  8. Summary - This summary must be at least 10 words long. If attachments will be added with explanatory text.

  9. Attach Files - Attach as many images of files (with any format) to the Action item.

10. Click the Save Action Item button.

Email Notifications - All users invited to participate in the Action Item will receive an email notification with all details.

Step 4 - If you need to [1] add comment or/and [2] attachments to the Action Item regardless if your an approver or not you can do so but typing in the comment box and select the [3] the SUBMIT COMMENT button.
NOTE: Once a user comments on an Action Item all users will receive email notifications as well with their comments.

Step 5 - Once an Action item is ready to close the approver can approve the action Item. [1] A comment is necessary even when approving/closing and action item. [2] Check the approval box and then click the [3] SUBMIT COMMENT button.

If you need to reopen an action that has been approved/closed [1] write a comment then [2] uncheck the Approval checkbox and then click the [3] SUBMIT COMMENT button. This will also notify all users involved via email.

Other frequent questions about the Action Item

Does action items work on the app? Not yet. But we are working on it and it should be available soon on the mobile app.

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