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How to add Bid Documents and Addenda
How to add Bid Documents and Addenda

Steps on how to add Bid Documents and Addenda to a Project.

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NOTE: This is for the Owners and Consultants to add bid documents such as plans and specifications. If you're a contractor and need to add documents, this would be done in the "Place Bid" form. If you are a contractor, click here to see how you upload your documents with your bid.

Step 1 - Go into a specific project where you want to add the documents.

Step 2 - On the left project menu, you will see Bid Documents and Addenda. Click on the one you want to add the specific file types.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only upload the Addenda in the Addenda section and all other bid documents in the Bid Document section.

Step 3 - Click on the Add file button on the top right.

Step 4 - Once you click on the Add file button, you see a pop-up where you can select or drag and drop your files. Once you have added your documents, you will need to choose the document type for each file in the dropdown to the right of the file.

Step 5 - After you [1] add your files and [2] select the type, you can then choose if you want to [3] notify the users via email that you added files to the project. Make sure to [4] click the green ADD button below.

Good Job! You've successfully added a file to a bidding project. 👏 😃

Note: All users involved in the project will get an email notifying them that you added that specific Document to the project. The email will look like the email below.

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